Cocke County Habitat for Humanity Affiliate

The Cocke  County Habitat for Humanity affiliate was formed in 1994.  At the  present time there are 12 Board Members and 1 employee.  Cocke County  Habitat for Humanity complies with the U.S. Civil rights laws in hiring,  prospective homeowner selection, & in allocation of building sites  to prospective homeowners.  Habitat houses are sold with zero  interest, & are financed for twenty years up to thirty years, based  on family income.

It is the mission of Cocke  County Habitat for Humanity to build affordable homes, better lives,  stronger families & safer communities through partnerships with  people & organizations throughout Cocke County.  Habitat for  Humanity brings individuals, families & communities together to  build affordable homes for those in need.  

We are a Christian ministry  that calls on all people regardless of religious preferences or cultural  background to make safe, simple, affordable housing a matter of  conscience & action.

Cocke County Habitat for  Humanity is committed not only to a local mission to eliminate  substandard housing, but also to create meaningful partnerships in our  community.  From providing shelter to fellowship, the “hand-up” of  Habitat for Humanity reaches out to many in our community.

Partner families, volunteers,  staff members, supporters & neighborhoods are affected by the spirit  of Habitat’s mission.  It is only through these partnerships that Cocke  County Habitat can continue to be a leader in affordable housing &  community development, inspire new programs & policies to do more  than just build homes, but also to improve our neighborhoods.

At Cocke County Habitat for Humanity, it is not about just building homes; it is also about building dreams & community.

Habitat for Humanity is a global  partnership.  In recognition of, & commitment to, that global  partnership each affiliate tithes, at least 10% of its unrestricted  contributions to Habitats international work.  (Funds specifically  designated by a donor for local work are excluded.)  Tithing provides  much needed funds for international building & gives affiliates the  opportunity to demonstrate the spirit of Habitat’s mission.


Cocke County Habitat for Humanity

(423)613-9446 or (423)608-5501